RePlanetizer curated by The Pit
9/11/2016- 10/16/2016

Opening reception: Sunday September 11, 6-8pm

Trudy Benson

Erik Frydenborg

Jess Fuller

Guy Goodwin

Nick Kramer

Sadie Laska

Jennie Jieun Lee

Adam D. Miller

Devon Oder

Nora Shields

Bruce M. Sherman

"Building Better Worlds"
-Weyland Yutani Corp.

Re-planetizer is a group exhibition curated by Los Angeles based, artist run gallery The Pit. The exhibition brings together the works of five artists from Los Angeles and six from New York. An opening reception will take place at Regina Rex at Sunday, September 11, 2016 from 6:00 - 8:00pm.

Re-Planetizer brings together eleven emerging artists; a selection of artists from Los Angeles meets a group of New Yorkers who reflect a similar approach, attitude, and aesthetic interests.
Re-Planetizer is a constructed word without a fixed meaning. It is abstract, playful, and it draws to mind grand gestures of generative creativity. It draws references to Science Fiction and the construction of planets or the rebuilding of planets. To generate new worlds one must first contemplate the void, look in the emptiness and desire to conquer or tackle that empty space. One must envision new horizons in a vacuum, or perhaps in the aftermath of a destructive force.

Jess Fuller's constructivist paintings are the result of collage, sewing, dying, ripping, or cutting, of multiple pieces of fabrics which are then adhered to the surface of the canvas creating compositions on top of compositions - the void is considered, and confronted over and over again in her process. At times they're psychedelic and chaotic, other times, free flowing with a visual ease. Jennie Jieun Lee's ceramic sculptures have an undeniable link to destructive forces as a catalyst for creation. Her cast ceramic heads are caving in, distorted, falling apart, and drowning in beautiful glassy glazes. Nick Kramer's works were created by pouring resin onto carved and painted foam. The resin dissolves the material, eating it from the backside frontwards, and eventually inhabiting the foam's original form. For process driven work with an emphasis on the destructive nature of materials, the end result of Kramer's work leaves the viewer with a whimsical sensation. Bruce M. Sherman's ceramic anthropomorphic sculptures lean toward an investigation of ancient totemic histories, with a heavy dose of humor. All of the works share a visual exuberance, are bold, have confrontational elements, and yet remain playful and at times humorous.

This exhibition is part of a series of on-going exchanges between The Pit and other artist-run spaces. Regina Rex will be curating a show at The Pit opening in January 2017.

Jess Fuller,
acrylic, gel medium and canvas,
50 1/2 x 40 1 5/ inches

Bruce Sherman,
Be Watchful, Stay Balanced,
Ceramic and glaze,
13 1/2 x 12 x 4 inches

Bruce Sherman,
Be Watchful, Stay Balanced,
Ceramic and glaze,
13 1/2 x 12 x 4 inches

Adam D. Miller, Megalithic Face Inversion, 2016,
Acrylic ink on raw linen over panel,
36 x 48 inches

Jennie Jieun Lee,
On the Brink of Leaving,
Slipcast porcelain, porcelain, glaze, underglaze,
7 x 6 inches

Nick Kramer,
The Royal A to Z,
Resin with paint, foil, and aluminium,
48 x 48 x 1 inches

Erik Frydenborg,
Blue Wrap (Inverse),
Polychromed Urethane,
52 x 14 x 3 inches

Trudy Benson,
Yellow and Black Fret,
Acrylic and oil on canvas,
43 x 47 inches

Devon Oder,
Bleed (Web),
C-Print (mounted and framed),
35 x 35 inches,
Edition 1 of 3 + 2AP

Sadie Laska,
Leather Jacket,
Acrylic, cardboard, spray paint on MDF,
34 x 28

Nora Shields,
And She Was She (Purple),
Welded stainless steel, acrylic paint, fringe, and felt,
15 x 13 x 9 inches

Guy Goodwin,
Study for Dream Queens? Salon (4),
Acrylic, tempera, and cardboard on paper,
22 x 30 inches