Nickolaus Typaldos: Site 3:
Signs of Truth and Subterfuge

5/15/2015- 10/11/2015

Rooted in the visual vocabulary of the artist's book Truth and Subterfuge (co-authored with Whitney Platt), Typaldos presents images designed for the facade of the gallery. Adapting some of the quotidian illustrations used in the book, Typaldos creates beacons that are at times ominous, abrasive and melancholic. The predominantly black and white displays recall 1960's Op Art and conceptual text-based practice while responding to the gallery's Chinatown location, in which both traditional and neon signage dominate the ocular landscape. He integrates Platt's text simultaneously as affective poetry, and a deadpan, non sequitur rupture within commercial advertising. The modernist black and white camouflage covering the entrance to the gallery also contains imagery that changes with the transition to evening. Truth and Subterfuge is a collaborative artist's book by Whitney Platt and Nickolaus Typaldos. In the volume, which locates the uncanny in the everyday, Typaldos presents an idiosyncratic collection of digitally and physically manipulated images that is companionate with Platt's dream-like and, at times, humorous poetry. Platt deftly constructs episodic and circuitous scenes that alternate between novel specificity and experiential abstraction. He mines aging in the context of American popular culture, and the temptations of nostalgia, with a tone that evokes elements of the tragicomic and melodramatic horror. In Truth and Subterfuge, his text is in dialogue with Typaldos' pastiche of tropes, forms and mediums 'both art-historical and commercial' of the post-World War II era. His work is fundamentally collage, remixing the analogue and digital, the physical and virtual, freely-- perceptual play marked by an ever-relatable sense of doubt. Truth and Subterfuge is an engaging and droll document of decay and regeneration, earnest meaning-making that relays more questions than answers. Truth and Subterfuge Whitney Platt and Nickolaus Typaldos Published by Press Editions, 2015. Edition of 250 Softcover, 8 x 5.5 in , Indigo Digital, 72 pages, perfect bound with die-cut cover

Nickolaus Typaldos
Site 3: Signs of Truth and Subterfuge, 2015
Cut and printed vinyl on Plexiglas, thermal print on Plexiglas, existing lightbox fixtures, perforated window film on glass