SKOTE Presents: Nightbird
2/26/2011- 3/12/2011

OPENING EVENT: Saturday, March 5th, 7-10pm******

Masters of ritualized movement and sacred gestures, collaborative duo SKOTE presents the mythopoetic three-channel video installation, Nightbird. Inspired by the work of Stevie Nicks, Siouxsie Sioux and Kate Bush, SKOTE has constructed ROCKWYTCH: OOH/COO, PEEK-A-TUT & KAW -- their highly-personalized form of the controversial Triple Goddess archetype. Borrowing from these iconic rock personas, SKOTE contorts the music video form into a queer-feminist ballet, in an attempt to subvert and reclaim preconceived histories.

For the opening event on Saturday, March 5th, SKOTE will host a rock-n-roll soiree that includes an improvisational scoring of the video installation by musicians Chris Kittrell (Baby Alpaca), Amber Martin (Amber Alert), and Lori Scacco (STORMS).

Founded by artists Jill Pangallo and Alex P. White, SKOTE has performed, shown and screened in public spaces, nightclubs and galleries since 2006. Most recently SKOTE performed at Bodega Gallery (Philadelphia) and screened at NoMinimo (Guayaquil, Ecuador) and Vox Popouli (Philadelphia). Their performance, "Best of Everything" was featured in Thing Spending, curated by Regina Rex at Fortress to Solitude (Brooklyn). Last summer SKOTE attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Residency. They currently have a project in development with Sheila Pepe and Diana Puntar scheduled to debut in 2012.

LORI SCACCO (Musical Director)
Lori Scacco is a musician and composer based in NYC. Former co-founder and guitarist of Seely (Too Pure, UK), she released her first solo recording, Circles, on Prefuse 73s Eastern Developments label and is currently a member of STORMS with Eva Puyuelo (Savath & Savalas). Through her multi-media collaborations, Scacco investigates the tactile and experiential, repositioning traditional musical structures within a physical and/or cinematic space.

Chosen by The New Yorker as one of the top performers of 2010, Texas-born Amber Martin has been singing, dancing and acting her whole life. In her new show Amber Alert!, Martin blends music, video, monologues, movement, and acid-capped comedy with a pristine, multi-octave range singing voice -- its a serio-comic multiple-personality trip with celebrity guests, to boot! Come see it live at The Wild Project 3/31-4/2 and at Joes Pub 5/21 & 5/28. You can also catch her behind the turntables DJing (with real record albums) at a variety of hotspots including the monthly Mattachine at Julius.

Musician, jewelry designer, and muse Chris Kittrell [aka Baby Alpaca] was born in Ohio clouds and rained down onto Brooklyn, NY in 2010. In 2008, Kittrell (vocals & autoharp) began writing music with friends in Cincinnati, San Francisco, Morocco, and New York, eventually gathering enough material to perform live and focus on recording a first album that is currently in production. Consisting of songs written while traveling, and newer reflective material, the band and its music are children of self-exploration, travel, and wanderlust.

The opening event on Saturday, March 5th is held in conjunction with SITE Fest, an annual festival of performance coordinated by Arts in Bsuhwick. Check out for the full list of events on March 5th & 6th.

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view