John Almanza and Dave Hardy
3/2/2012- 4/15/2012

Friday, March 2nd, 7-10pm

The paintings of John Almanza and the sculptures of Dave Hardy reflect the reckless abandon of progress, with an emphasis on looking at how materials get relegated to the side as other forces push forward. Indulging in the abundances available to them, both artists consider excess and overflow as vital to the physicality and construction of their work. Almanza’s viscous oil paintings rely on a process of application and removal of paint. While the paintings are still wet, he traverses the canvas with a thin strip of plywood—simultaneously scraping away paint with the swipe of a line and adding paint that is carried across on the plywood. This forms a pattern of hard parallel lines that reveals underlying ghosted abstractions perpetually in limbo. Hardy’s sculptures of found glass, foam and an assortment of other materials build tension from the interplay between hard and soft edges. Engineered to confound notions of structural integrity, these works borrow from the urgent language of provisional architecture as well as from the assertive gestures of modernist sculpture.


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Installation view.

John Almanza Untitled 2011 oil on canvas 21 x 29 inches

John Almanza Until You Feel at Home 2011 oil on canvas 33 x 47 inches

Dave Hardy Chinook 2012 cement, clay, glass, teak, pine, foam 51 x 98 x 31 inches

Dave Hardy Verge D’Or 2012 glass, tape, walnut, teak, foam, cement, pen, pencils, ink, marker 93 x 52 x 39 inches

John Almanza How Not to Read Right 2012 oil on canvas 48 x 72 inches

Installation view

Installation view