10/22/2011- 12/7/2011

Featuring work by Ivin Ballen, Tatiana Berg, Lisa Sigal, Frank Trankina, and Selina Trepp

Saturday, October 22, 7-10pm

DEJA VU features works that reveal the process of their own making while sharing an interest in form and illusion. Often made in one medium and then again in another, each artist in the exhibition appropriates images and materials from their own studio practice. Most use painting as either the origin or the destination for a given work. Not unlike experiencing the uncanny sensation that a present event may have occurred in the past, all the works featured have been made once, and then again.

Ivin Ballen creates sculptural assemblages out of everyday materials, casts the sculptures in fiberglass and then paints them to create wall-mounted relief paintings. Tatiana Berg paints abstractions on canvas stretched over three-dimensional frames to create both a painting and an object. Lisa Sigal collapses measurements of architecture and place to create sculptures that are paintings. Frank Trankina arranges a still-life narrative in sculpture and paints it. Selina Trepp paints portraits that are then performed and photographed.


Deja Vu
WAGMAG: Enrico Gomez

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Ivin Ballen

Lisa Sigal
Hinged Painting (partition), 2010
Paint, window and door screen.

Ivin Ballen
B Untitled (subduction triangles), 2011
Acrylic and gouache on fiberglass
15 x 16 in

Frank Trankina

Lisa Sigal

Selina Trepp

Selina Trepp
The Painter, 2011
30 x 40 inches

Tatiana Berg
Danny DeVito Tent, 2009
Spray paint & enamel on canvas

Frank Trankina
Pictures-What Are They? 2010
Oil on linen
42 x 24 inches